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5 Oct 90 15:18:35 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.ada,comp.lang.misc
From: (Bryan Carpenter)
Keywords: CSP, Compilers, Interpreter, Occam
Organization: University of Southampton, UK
References: <4344@iitmax.IIT.EDU>
Date: 5 Oct 90 15:18:35 GMT

In <4344@iitmax.IIT.EDU> (Bhupesh Desai) writes:
>Does any one know of an implementation of the CSP (Communicating Sequential
>Processes Language by C. A. R. Hoare). ...

I don't know of any implementaion of CSP that follows the detailed
notations of, or includes the majority of the features in, the
system described in Hoare's book - but the Occam language developed
by Inmos for Transputers (in collaboration with Hoare) has been
described as "the implemented subset of CSP".
[Dale Worley <> also noted that Occam is CSP. -John]

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