COBOL compiler wanted (Lindsey Durway)
Wed, 26 Sep 90 21:52:57 GMT

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COBOL compiler wanted (1990-09-26)
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From: (Lindsey Durway)
Keywords: cobol, question
Organization: Data General Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 90 21:52:57 GMT

Anybody have a COBOL-74 or COBOL-85 compiler that will run on a PC-XT? I
have a friend who is looking for one. I would be grateful if you'd
respond with email to my internet or uucp address below.


Lindsey Durway -or- ...!mcnc!rti!xyzzy!durway
Data General Corp., Research Triangle Park, NC; (919) 248-6166.
[There are several commercial ones, though I have no experience with any of
them. -John]

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