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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Inst.f.Techn.Informatik)
Keywords: yacc, lex, question
Organization: Technical University of Vienna, AUSTRIA
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Date: 25 Sep 90 08:36:49 GMT

In article <>, VMDOS@TECMTYVM.MTY.ITESM.MX (Ing. Pablo Tejeda Zeron) writes:
> I would like to know if exist some public domain compiler generator for
> DOS, UNIX or OS2. Could you help me?.
> I'm using YACC for generate the parser, but, I want also generate
> intermediate code or target code.

Several approaches are possible. The more conventional is a code generator
generator which helps in writing (portable) back ends. One such beast is
the GNU C compiler (gcc). It has been succesfully used for a C++ compiler,
and front ands for Modula-[23] and Fortran are currently being written.
But this still requires _you_ to generate the intermediate code (RTL) from
which gcc works.

The other approach is based on high level semantics. Peter Lee wrote
one such generator, MESS. This approach is still in experimental state,
so you will have difficulties finding systems which are in production


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