Request for lex and yacc documentation (7117)
19 Sep 90 00:59:12 GMT

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Request for lex and yacc documentation (1990-09-19)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (7117)
Keywords: lex, yacc, question
Organization: Johns Hopkins University, Laurel, MD
Date: 19 Sep 90 00:59:12 GMT


I'm a grad student at Johns Hopkins in a compiler design course,
and my teacher is going to soon assign us to do a compiler
project for a subset of Ada. I was planning to do this in
'C' using lex and yacc. So, I would like to know if anybody
out there has or knows of some online lex and yacc documentation.

Please send e-mail or post replys to this group. I appreciate
any and all responses!

[There's the flex and bison manuals, but I think that if you really want
to be able to use them, you're better off buying one of the many books on
the topic. -John]

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