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corbett@lupa.Eng.Sun.COM (Robert Corbett)
29 Aug 90 02:50:24 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: corbett@lupa.Eng.Sun.COM (Robert Corbett)
Keywords: C, Pascal, design, Algol68
Organization: Sun Microsystems, Mt. View, Ca.
References: <> <> <141425@sun.Eng.Sun.COM>
Date: 29 Aug 90 02:50:24 GMT

In article <141425@sun.Eng.Sun.COM> grover@brahmand.Eng.Sun.COM (Vinod Grover) writes:
>In article <> (Richard A. O'Keefe) writes:
>>Algol 68 was the first language I met that allowed overloading, but from
>>the published discussions of the Algol 68 committee overloading was already
>>a well known idea then. Anyone know where it first showed up? ...

>I believe that Christopher Strachey used the term "ad hoc polymorphism" to
>refer to a breed of overloading. I *think* that was before Algol 68.

>Vinod Grover

Many languages that supported overloading were designed before ALGOL 68.
MAD supported user-defined operator overloading. The operators were
defined by giving assembly code for their implementation. Aad van
Wijgaarden's paper "a Generalization of ALGOL" described a language that
supported overloading through user-defined rewriting rules. The form of
overloading provided in ALGOL 68 pales by comparison.

During the early development of ALGOL 68, the ALGOL committee planned to
produce two languages, ALGOL X and ALGOL Y. ALGOL X was to be a small
change to ALGOL 60 to fix its few remaining bugs. ALGOL Y was to be the
long-term solution. ALGOL X originally did not support extensibility.
Eventually, the ALGOL committee decided to retrofit retrofit some of the
advanced features from ALGOL Y to ALGOL X.

Yours truly,
Bob Corbett

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