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Thu, 16 Aug 90 17:51:26 GMT

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Microtec and/or VxWorks odetics!frank@uunet.UU.NET (1990-08-15)
Re: Microtec and/or VxWorks (1990-08-16)
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From: (Ron Guilmette)
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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 90 17:51:26 GMT

In article <> frank writes:
<We have VxWorks running on a MVME147 board which we download from a Sun 3/60.
<... Part of my assignment however is to create a VxWorks Driver to talk to
<custom code in a MVME332rt board via a Shared Memory interface. I am having
<some structure alignment problems in the Shared Memory since the VxWorks
<driver uses Sun's "cc" command on the 3/60 while the MVME332rt board uses a
<Microtec Compiler and Atron Probe emulator.
<I am in control of the software in BOTH boards, but I still have a problem in
<that ideally BOTH peices of software should be compiled by the same compiler
<which would fix my alignment problems I am sure...

[ ... long sad story about incompatibility of object formats follows... ]

One possible way that you might be able to solve one or more of your
problems (and still avoid having to run AWK over assembly files) is to
see if you can perhaps use either the GNU assembler or the GNU linker
or both. These are a.out (BSD format) oriented tools however, so if you
gotta work with some other object format, they won't help much.

Of course you might also want to consider using the GNU C compiler as well.

In case you don't know, all of these hunks of software can be had for free.
Professional level support (if you need it) costs extra however, but it
can be had at reasonable rates from several sources on a coast near you.


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