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Wed, 27 Jun 90 16:06:42 GMT

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From: (SINDATA Network administrator)
Summary: We have one...
Keywords: Basic, C, translator
Organization: SINDATA srl Unix site in Vimercate, Italy
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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 16:06:42 GMT

In article <>, (Glenn M. Mason) writes:
> Does anyone out there know of a public-domain/commercial BASIC to C
> translator program?

We at SINDATA developed a NIXDORF's BASIC to C translation program and C
developement enviroment called METAMORPHOSYS. At present time it is running
on DEC VAX and RISC systems with Ultrix and is sold by DEC for the Italian
market. For the worldwide distribution we have ports for almost any system
running UNIX System V on any platform (Bull, PCs, ICL, Apple, HP ....)

Its translated C is not the one a good C programmer would like to write,
but is almost readable, even with GOTO and GOSUBS in the original
BASIC source code.

Peter Komanns ************- SINDATA srl -*****************
Via Rovereto 17 | BANG ..!rutgers!deejay!yachaya!brontolo!peter
20059 Vimercate MI ITALY | SUBLINK peter@brontolo
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