Compilers vs. Interpreters (WAS: Unsafe Optimizations) (David Keppel)
Sat, 23 Jun 90 21:38:59 GMT

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Compilers vs. Interpreters (WAS: Unsafe Optimizations) (1990-06-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Keywords: C, interpreter, debug
Organization: University of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle
References: <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 90 21:38:59 GMT

David S. Harrison <davidh@dent.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
>[Some advantages of interpreters:
> * Develop testing while compiler under development.
> * Sanity check compare to compiled code (had better run on both).
> * Useful for debugging.]
>[Why don't most compiled languages also have an interpreter?]

There's more code to maintain, sometimes a large ammount of code.

Something that MIGHT be useful would be to write an instruction set
simulator for a simple (imaginary) architecture, and start by
retargeting your compiler to that. Then, only the ISA interpreter
has to be ported to get the system `up and running'.

Debuggers for interpreted code and debuggers for compiled code tend
to be different for various reasons. The approach above doesn't
address that.

;-D on ( Take my symbol table ... please ) Pardo

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