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Fri, 22 Jun 90 17:27:02 GMT

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Re: Intrinsically fast/slow languages (diamond@tkovoa) (1990-06-22)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "diamond@tkovoa" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 90 17:27:02 GMT
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: design, optimize
Bogus: (David Keppel) writes:
Bogus: >Reducto ad perfect optimizer: no intrinsically inefficient languages.
Bogus: No.
Bogus: >Reducto ad current optimizers: yes intrinsically inefficient languages.
Bogus: Yes.
Bogus: >Reducto ad carefully-designed languages with good optimizers:
Bogus: >sophisticated features, and if you write ``static code'' programs you
Bogus: >get ``static code'' performance.
Bogus: Yes.
Bogus: Some languages will always be intrinsically inefficient. (They might have
Bogus: to be "carefully" designed, or carefully edited by examination of the
Bogus: typing of a few zillion monkeys. In the latter case, "most" of the
Bogus: languages designed by the monkeys will be inherently inefficient, and
Bogus: "most" of the time spent editing will be to discard things that aren't
Bogus: languages, rather than checking whether a language is intrinsically
Bogus: inefficient.)
Bogus: For example, suppose a language is supposed to contain representations of
Bogus: all regular languages. Our language is a meta-language. Now, if we
Bogus: design our meta-language to accept type-3 grammars and determine whether
Bogus: the input represents a regular language, then we have a task which can
Bogus: (optionally) be met with trivial efficiency. If we design our
Bogus: meta-language to accept type-0 grammars and determine whether the input
Bogus: represents a regular language, then we have an inherently very
Bogus: inefficient, indeed impossible, task. Some meta-languages are
Bogus: intermediate in inherent inefficiency.
Bogus: --
Bogus: Norman Diamond, Nihon DEC
Bogus: This is me speaking. If you want to hear the company speak, you need DECtalk.
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