More information on CIA (David Keppel)
Fri, 15 Jun 90 05:19:40 GMT

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More information on CIA (1990-06-15)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 90 05:19:40 GMT
Organization: University of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle

Somebody asked about figuring out which parts of a program were dealing
with which other parts of a program; in particular C/Unix-land. I said
something about a project by Yih-Farn Chen and Michael Nishimoto and C.
V. Ramamoorthy'', and have since been in touch with Yin-Farn Chen
(thanks to comp.compilers reader Michael Platoff!).

Here are some references for `CIA' and a C++ tool, `CIA++' (love it!):

@conference {CIA:usenix,
author = "Yih-Farn Chen",
title = "{The C Program Database and Its Applications}",
booktitle= "USENIX 1989 Summer Conference Proceedings",
city = "Baltimore",
year = 1989}

@conference {CIA++:usenix,
author = "Judith Grass and Y. F. Chen",
title = "The C++ Information Abstractor",
booktitle = "The Second USENIX C++ Conference",
city = "San Francisco",
year = 1990}

Also, the Berkeley CIA system is described in

@article {CIA:journal,
author = "Yih-Farn Chen and Michael Nishimoto and C. V. Ramamoorthy",
title = "{The C Information Abstraction System}",
journal = "IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering",
month = mar,
year = 1990}

Now what's a good name for the FORTRAN version leading to `FYI'?-)

;-D on ( *Abstract* C information? You're kidding! ) Pardo

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