Holub's "Compiler Design in C" - Mac Version

esp@pnet12.cts.com (Eduard Schwan)
Sun, 10 Jun 90 17:56:08 GMT

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Holub's "Compiler Design in C" - Mac Version esp@pnet12.cts.com (1990-06-10)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: esp@pnet12.cts.com (Eduard Schwan)
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 90 17:56:08 GMT
Organization: People-Net [pnet12], Del Mar, CA
Keywords: C, lex, yacc

To whomever it may concern.. I am in the process of converting the source code
of Allen Holub's LeX/YACC tools to MPW C on the Macintosh. I would be
interested in hearing from anyone about interest in or parallel efforts in
this area. A quick (dangerous) estimate puts it at about a 6 month effort
(given my 6 hours a week of spare time.) :-) So far, it isn't too bad, but
I've been working with the code that works nicely as MPW tools. MPW tools
work quite nicely with arc/argv and printf's. It ought to get much more
interesting when I get to converting the curses library and deciding what to
do with malloc versus NewHandle memory management. (Of course, the slashes in
the hard-coded subdirectory #include statements were fun, too!)

Eduard [esp] Schwan

UUCP: ucsd!serene!pnet12!esp
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