Re: Compiler Design in C How about it?

Mark Henderson <>
Mon, 4 Jun 90 04:48:58 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Mark Henderson <>
References: <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 90 04:48:58 GMT
Organization: Computer Research Laboratory, Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton OR
Keywords: books, summary

In article <> Preston Briggs <> writes:
>[quoting Holub, using unsafe optimizations is an OK idea]

Fact is, historically the optimizer is where compiler writers have hung
themselves. I've used several commercial compilers for which I often had to
turn off the optimization to get them to handle some pretty mundane code
properly. (I suppose there is no need to mention company names here).

Part of the problem is that there is little (unified) theory of optimization
and a lot of ad hoc techniques. Certainly the front end has a more complete.
theoretical base. I guess the argument is, "that part is the easiest", but
then consider that this is a textbook. I think the level of detail Holub is
using to describe the front end will be useful to people learning about the
front end. I don't think the intention of the book was to be an encyclopaedia
of compiler design, either. The material seems more than adequate for a first
course in compiler design. Optimization techniques could easily be a course
or book in themselves. The book is already over 900 pages long...

So what I'm saying is that I like the book, on the whole. Personally, I find
the level of detail of code listings a bit aversive, but then they can always
be skipped and referred back to for details.

The explanations are clear. The diagrams are excellent. I really like the
fact that lots of examples are given.


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