Lex and Yacc teaching aids/books/papers/examples ?

jfl@munnari.oz.au (John Lenarcic)
Mon, 4 Jun 90 04:46:38 GMT

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Lex and Yacc teaching aids/books/papers/examples ? jfl@munnari.oz.au (1990-06-04)
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From: jfl@munnari.oz.au (John Lenarcic)
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 90 04:46:38 GMT
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: Lex, Yacc

Does anyone know of any good books or papers that deal with Lex
and Yacc in tutorial fashion ?

I'm trying to teach 3rd year Computer Science students how to use
these Unix tools effectively. The original papers on Lex and Yacc
( by M. E. Lesk/E. Schmidt and S. C. Johnson, respectively ) aren't
really of much help because they're too brief and don't contain
many examples of the tools in action. Apart from a brief article in
the August '87 issue of "UnixWorld" and some terse snippets in the
"Dragon" book, that's all I can find reference-wise.

If anyone could steer me toward a Lex/Yacc teaching aid, I would be
much obliged. Also, tips from academics on how to convey Lex/Yacc
skills in the classroom would be appreciated. Let me know your own
personal experiences on the subject.

( Would anyone happen to know the e-mail address of the person in
charge of Lex/Yacc at Bell Labs. ? )

Please reply to me personally by e-mail, if possible. Thanks.

John Lenarcic,

Department of Computer Science,
University of Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia.

E-mail: jfl@munmurra.cs.mu.OZ.AU
[The Nutshell handbook on Lex and Yacc is supposed to be pretty good, though
I haven't read it myself. -John]

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