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In article <> you write:
>[This article was part of the documents that came with the seventh edition
>source code and was reprinted as part of the BSD documentation. It is over
>ten years old, and PCC has moved forward since then. I have seen probably
>illegal xeroxes of papers describing more recent versions named QCC and RCC.
>Is there anything publically available on the more recent stuff? -John]

I've heard of PCC2, QCC, and RCC. I believe QCC was a version of PCC2
that was hacked to take advantage of the order of table entries to achieve
greater speed (PCC2 was supposedly substantially slower than PCC), and
RCC was modified with some sort of algorithm to deal uniformly with
different kinds of registers (PCC, if you will recall, can understand
only two different kinds of registers, and those by a kludge). I don't
remember where I saw this, but it was not an "illegal xeroxed copy",
it was a publicly available paper, possibly in one of the older Usenix
conference proceedings. (I saw it around 1987 I think, but that doesn't
mean it was in a document *published* during 1987.)

The recent paper by Aho et. al in ACM TOPLANS, about the Twig tree
rewriting system, describes a reimplementation of PCC2 in twig, so I'd
guess the [QR]CC work happened in a different part of Bell Labs, possibly
in a more "production" oriented group. The paper I saw definitely
had a sort of System-Vish flavor to it :-)

The original PCC paper was published in the 7th edition UNIX volume 2,
and a revised version (revised by Donn Seeley I think) is in the 4.3BSD
Mike Haertel <>
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