QuickBasic compiler won't use all memory

jhgwees@praxis.cs.ruu.nl (Jeroen van Wees)
14 May 90 10:40:13 GMT

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QuickBasic compiler won't use all memory jhgwees@praxis.cs.ruu.nl (1990-05-14)
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From: jhgwees@praxis.cs.ruu.nl (Jeroen van Wees)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.sys.ibm.pc
Keywords: quickbasic compiler memory
Date: 14 May 90 10:40:13 GMT

I have a problem with my quickbasic compiler.
I want to compile a rather large basic program (about 1200 lines)
but the compiler doesn't start compiling (you don't see the counting
of lines running) but gives the error message:

"Criticial error - insufficient memory "

But my IBM-XT has 640 kB memory (256k on main board and 384 add-on
on Quadmaster short ram board).
Now, you think 'well, you just haven't got enough memory'.
But I've seen the compilation go well on a portable Ericson with 512kB !

So what's the problem ? I think my memory is ok.
What options can I use with Quickbasic ?

The loading of the basic program in the build-in editor of Quickbasic
goes ok.

I would apreciate any help !

Jeroen H.G. van Wees, Griegstraat 21,3816 LV Amersfoort, Holland
Student Informatica Rijks Universiteit van Utrecht

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