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Fri, 16 Feb 90 15:34:02 EST

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re: MESSing it all up (1990-02-16)
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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 90 15:34:02 EST
From: (Eugen Bacic)

Michael K. Gschwind writes:

>Has anybody lately heard something about the MESS compiler generator or
>does anybody have a mail address of either Peter Lee or Uwe Pleban?

I have the following information from my post a while back. I tried
to get a hold of either Mr. Lee or Mr. Pleban but without luck. I sent
out mail messages, which did NOT bounce, but received no reply from
Peter Lee. I did not (and don't have) Mr. Pleban's address. The
addresses I have are: Peter Lee Peter Lee

I sent out messages to those who were kind enough to reply to my query
back in November. If some of you did not get a reply, please excuse me.
The book by Mr. Lee is excellent and worth the read, but with the
sources being locked up somewhere it may be better to contact one of
Robert W. Gray, Vincent P. Heuring, Steven P. Krane, Anthony M. Sloane
or William M. Waite at (303) 492-5043.
They have an interesting product called ELI: a compiler construction
system. From the report, which is FTP-able from boulder, it seems quite
interesting. The approach is completely different but it seems easier
to get info on ELI than MESS.


ps: Maybe this'll rouse either Mr. Lee or Mr. Pleban to answer, eh? ;-)

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