MetaCharacters as Literals in Lex (Tony Jones)
Thu, 15 Feb 90 04:01:24 CST

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MetaCharacters as Literals in Lex (1990-02-15)
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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 90 04:01:24 CST
From: (Tony Jones)

In Lex, how do I include the metacharacter '*' as a literal character in
the left hand side of a rule ?

I am trying to do the following ...
[a-zA-Z0-9/%_*]+ {

Adding the '*' increases %a's and %o's 10 times, and takes 1/2 an hour to
compile the generated 'C'.
Also, correct input such as '/usr/bin/*' fails to match the above rule,
examples such as '/usr/bin/bc' still match correctly

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong (if anything), and point me in the
direction of a good fix.

-- tony

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[Looks to me like you've found yet another lex bug; there is an example
in the SysV.3.2 programmer's guide that specifically says that stars in
character classes are supposed to work. You might try the faster and less
buggy flex instead. -John]

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