Re: Freeware Pascal Compiler for DOS wanted. (Aubrey McIntosh)
5 Feb 90 17:46:04 GMT

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Freeware Pascal Compiler for DOS wanted. (1990-02-04)
Re: Freeware Pascal Compiler for DOS wanted. (1990-02-05)
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From: (Aubrey McIntosh)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.pascal,comp.lang.modula2
Date: 5 Feb 90 17:46:04 GMT
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>I am after a freeware Pascal compiler to be used for educational purposes on
>IBM PC's and compatibles. I intend to integrate it into an environment that
>I already have so the features I am after are -

One thing you might want to look at actually doesn't fit most of the
criteria that you named...

The Fitted Software Tools Modula-2 compiler has an integrated environment,
but can be used from command lines as well. An option exists to produce
.OBJ files, and I have successfully linked them with the MS-DOS linker,
as well as the Logitech linker.

Also, when the linker options were set up correctly, I was able to produce
the necessary support to do symbolic debugging with Symdeb, Microsoft's
intermediate debugging product.

This is Shareware, $39 (US), and Source code for the library and
runtime exists. There is a minor tee-hee with the source, in that it uses
the in-line assembly option at least once in most modules, and renders
itself non-portable.

The compiler, editor, make utilities, etc., are not available in source.

I was experienced with several other Modula-2 and Pascal compilers when
I picked up the FST product, and I think it fits the student/educational
niche very well.

The address for FST is: Fitted Software Tools / POB 867403 / Plano, TX 75086
Aubrey McIntosh
Austin, TX 78723
1-(512)-452-1540 (v)

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