Error-recovery in public BSD yacc

djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones)
2 Feb 90 03:19:33 GMT

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Error-recovery in public BSD yacc djones@megatest.uucp (1990-02-02)
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From: djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Feb 90 03:19:33 GMT
Organization: Megatest Corporation, San Jose, Ca

Did anybody ever find out what is being done about the error-recovery
bug in public domain BSD yacc? (Remember? I has to do with bogus

I sent email to the fellow who is maintaining it -- sorry can't recall his
name. The mail did not bounce back, but I never got a reply.

What concerns me is that he indicated he might not fix the bug, because
the correct tables were larger than the incorrect ones!

He never answered the objection that if users wanted smaller tables at the
expense of error-recovery, they could get them by omiting the error-actions,
and that if they went to the trouble of writing the error-actions, they
probably did not want yacc to produce incorrect tables which would not call

What's the word? Anybody know?
[From djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones)]

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