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1 Feb 90 16:35:27 GMT

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From: (Tim Budd)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Feb 90 16:35:27 GMT
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Organization: Oregon State Univ. -- Computer Science

If all you want are ideas (and not, for example, efficiency), then a book
I STRONGLY recommend is ``Programming Languages: An Interpreter-Based
Approach'', published by Addison-Wesley. The book describes, and gives
interpreters for, the ``basic-core'' (i.e., subsets) of LISP, APL, Scheme,
Sasl, Clu, Smalltalk, and finally Prolog. All of the interpreters are
reproduced in the back of the book, and all are available via ftp from
the author. (He can be reached as

--tim budd,

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