A plea to readers at HP, Apple, and Motorola

johnl@esegue.segue.boston.ma.us (John R. Levine)
14 Oct 89 19:21:04 EDT (Sat)

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A plea to readers at HP, Apple, and Motorola johnl@esegue.segue.boston.ma.us (1989-10-14)
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Date: 14 Oct 89 19:21:04 EDT (Sat)
From: johnl@esegue.segue.boston.ma.us (John R. Levine)
Keywords: administrivia

The previous article was submitted by someone at Hewlett-Packard. Every time
someone from HP writes to comp.compilers, I am inundated with a blizzard of
redundant copies. I have received this one eighteen times so far and will
doubtless receive it several times more. You can see from the path lines
quoted below that it bounced around HP for a while, then went to motcsd and
to apple, all without the Approved: line that means that it has passed
through the moderation point. Then apple sends it to all of their friends,
all of whom notice that it needs to be moderated, and all of whom
thoughtfully send it to me, umpteen times.

This is a pain as well as a waste of bandwidth. If any readers at HP,
at apple, or at motcsd could prod your system administrators to fix news
to do the right thing with moderated newsgroups, I and all of the other
moderators would greatly appreciate it.

Path: gem.mps.ohio-state.edu!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: bionet!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: bbn!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: rutgers!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: usc!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: bloom-beacon!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: fernwood!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: oliveb!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: unix!excelan!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: amdahl!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: tahoe!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: claris!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: ames!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: voder!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: arc!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: cae780!excelan!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc
Path: ames!excelan!apple!motcsd!hpda!hpcuhb!hpcllla!hpcllmv!jbc

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