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Steve Lehto <stevel@qtc.uucp>
25 Sep 89 22:45:19 GMT

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From: Steve Lehto <stevel@qtc.uucp>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: c, compiler, metrics
Date: 25 Sep 89 22:45:19 GMT
Organization: Quantitative Technology Corp., Beaverton, OR

As part of an internal project here; I am investigating the importance
of compiler speeds. Specifically, how fast must a compiler compile in
order to be useful? Is there a "limit of pain", below which the tool is
considered to be unuseable? We're most interested in C compilers, but
data about any compiler would be useful. I would like to collect the
responses and complete a chart which looks something like this:

Language Compiler Target Host Speed (lines/min)
-------- -------- ------ ---- ----------

If responses are plentiful and meaningful, I'ld be happy to repost the
results for all to use.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

steve lehto, QTC
[From Steve Lehto <stevel@qtc.uucp>]

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