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Mon, 18 Sep 89 16:04:20 EDT

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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 16:04:20 EDT
From: johnl (John R. Levine)

I have been archiving all of the messages posted to comp.compilers since
September 1986, shortly after it turned from a mailing list into a moderated
news group. There have been over 750 messages with a total size about 580K.
with the traffic growing somewhat each year.

On the occasions when people have asked to get stuff from the archives,
I have mailed it out by hand, but the number of requests is increasing.
If there is sufficient interest, I could set up anonymous uucp or a mail
server. Let me know, by sending to compilers-request. I also have a table
of contents I could mail out or post.

Also, the moderation point for compilers has moved from to
my personal machine, I expect that ima will
continue to forward mail here indefinitely but you might want to update
your tables anyway.

John Levine

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