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corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
12 Sep 89 07:33:39 GMT

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Zoo update corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (1989-09-12)
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From: corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Sep 89 07:33:39 GMT
Organization: University of California, Berkeley

          Keith Bostic here at Cal has suggested changing the name of Zoo to Yacc.
Since I planned to change to name to Yacc once it was POSIX conformant, making
the change now simply ups the schedule a bit. If the name Yacc causes anyone
a problem I suggest he or she use the name Ox instead.

          I have had trouble with a small percentage of my replies to mail
bouncing because of unknown hosts or addresses. I have tried to reply to
every piece of mail I have received so far. I ask for understanding from
those whose replies have been bounced.

          I have received requests for floppy disk versions of Zoo for PCs. I
do not have access to a PC. I would like it if someone would make Zoo
available in this format. I have also received requests for Zoo from
people who cannot use ftp. I would appreciate suggestions concerning ways of
getting Zoo to them.

          Dan Lanciani at Harvard and Gary Bridgewater at DG have identified some
bugs in Zoo. I plan to release a patched version of Zoo in about a week.
I hope to have made the name change by then as well.

          I have tentatively decided not to try for strict POSIX compliance.
I have decide that it is better to be like the AT&T version of Yacc than
to be POSIX compliant. A major difference between AT&T Yacc and POSIX
Yacc is that AT&T Yacc is an LALR(1) parser generator while POSIX requires
Yacc to be full LR(1). Another important difference is that the error
recovery scheme used by Yacc is not the same as the one required by POSIX
and the SVID.

Faithfully yours,
Bob Corbett

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