Yacc-compatibility of Zoo

corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
7 Sep 89 05:59:17 GMT

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Yacc-compatibility of Zoo corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (1989-09-07)
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From: corbett@ernie.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: zoo
Date: 7 Sep 89 05:59:17 GMT
Organization: University of California, Berkeley

          Because of mail I have received, I want to re-emphasize the statement
regarding Yacc compatibility I make in the README file supplied with Zoo.
Zoo is compatible with Yacc as described in documentation available to the
general public. There are many features of Yacc that are not described in
such documentation. Because I want to avoid being sued, I have deliberately
refrained from adding such features to Zoo even when I have discovered that
they exist.

          Before reporting features missing from Zoo, please check to see if
you can find documentation describing those features. If you cannot, please
do not bother informing me that they are missing; I shall not add them to Zoo.
On the other hand, if you find a document describing a missing feature, I
would be glad to hear about it. I am already aware that Zoo does not
implement the -b, -l, and -t options. They will be added soon.

Yours very truly,
Bob Corbett

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