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chasm@attctc.Dallas.TX.US (Charles Marslett)
19 Aug 89 02:56:18 GMT

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From: chasm@attctc.Dallas.TX.US (Charles Marslett)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Summary: PD YACC
Date: 19 Aug 89 02:56:18 GMT
References: <1989Aug15.192607.4488@esegue.uucp>
Organization: The Unix(R) Connection, Dallas, Texas

> [Decus yacc was a pirate version of AT&T yacc that Decus (the DEC users'
> group) distributed for a while until they realized what it was. I know of
> no PD version of yacc and would be surprised to hear of one considering how
> much work is involved; every allegedly PD yacc I've ever seen has turned out
> to be a pirate copy of AT&T yacc. ... -John]

I don't know if this is approriate, but it does sort-of wrap up the issue.
A definitely non-AT&T, non-FSF version of yacc was posted to the minix
newsgroup earlier this summer. I have self-compiled the parser, and it
seems to be about on a par (size, speed, etc.) with the AT&T and FSF
parser generators. The author mentioned that it runs rather slowly, but
with a reasonable disk cache, I don't see any significant difference in
speed (no more than perhaps 2-1), and the code is reputed to have run on
a Z80 system at one time!

Charles Marslett

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