Load balancing of objects

14 Aug 89 13:48:10 GMT

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Load balancing of objects yariva@math.tau.ac.il (1989-08-14)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: OOP, parallel processing
Date: 14 Aug 89 13:48:10 GMT
Original-sender: ima!harvard!ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU!daemon
From: <yariva@math.tau.ac.il>
Organization: Tel-Aviv Univesity Math and CS school, Israel

I am using a dialect of Lisp-like language (I developed) to define objects
(classes) which can work in parallel.
Once an object is created on one of the processors, it seems the best way to
execute all methods for that object on the same processor (it was created),
and so they will be close the the data (object's private variables).
On any REAL parallel machine there might be a problem of load balancing
(weak mapping of objects can lead to more objects in one processor than
others). It is important in cases where objects can be created dynamically
during run-time.

I am interested in issues like :

1. Mapping of objects (created dynamically) on a parallel architecture
      (point-to-point, bus) to achieve as best load balancing as possible.
2. Any kind of syntax which define relation between objects (trees, graphs etc)
      so mapping would be easier for a COMPILER.
3. Any tries to combine applicative (functional) languages with OOP
      (example: looking at a function as an object which wait for input
      (parameters) through ports, execute itself and send its results through
      output ports)


        yariva@math.tau.ac.il OR yariva@taurus.bitnet

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