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From: (Nick Rothwell)
References: <1989Aug12.011151.2154@esegue.uucp>
From: (Nick Rothwell)
In-reply-to: (Birger Andersen)
Organization: LFCS Enya Admiration Society
Keywords: Parallelism, Compiling, O-O/Functional Lang., Grain Adaption

In article <1989Aug12.011151.2154@esegue.uucp>, birger@diku (Birger Andersen) writes:
>I am working on a parallel object-oriented language with functional parts in

You will probably have to clarify what this means... It's fairly
obvious what a functional language is, but "object oriented with
functional parts" is less clear.
      If you're interested in functional languages, there's a lot of
literature on graph reduction, combinator representation, and so on.
But, these are fairly specialised techniques for the pure functional
languages, and don't generalise to other kinds of language.
      Alternatively, you could read my Ph.D. thesis, which detailed
a compiler for parallel functional and logic languages to run on
a shared-memory machine, using a symbolic intermediate code. The
compiler was largely responsible for managing parallelism by detecting
various kinds of tail recursion and parallel tasks, while trying to
reduce the risk of "process explosion".

Nick Rothwell, Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, Edinburgh. <Atlantic Ocean>!mcvax!ukc!lfcs!nick

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