Compiling Functional Languages for Parallel Architectures (Birger Andersen)
11 Aug 89 21:25:46 GMT

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From: (Birger Andersen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: Parallelism, Compiling, O-O/Functional Lang., Grain Adaption
Date: 11 Aug 89 21:25:46 GMT
Organization: DIKU, U of Copenhagen, DK

I am working on a parallel object-oriented language with functional parts in
it. Programs written in this language will have parallelism at all levels,
with the fine-grained parallelism being in the functional parts of the
programs (in expressions). Parallelism is expressed explicit by unbound
remote procedure calls at the upper levels and implicit by functional
expressions (side-effect free) at the fine-grained level.
  Since parallel architectures do not support the same lowest level of
parallelism, my idea is to reduce the implicit fine-grained parallelism in
functional expressions at compile-time to have machine independent parallel
programs to some degree.
  I would very much like to hear from people out there who know about
research in this area (journal papers, reports, or thesis etc. on automatic
parallelization of functional expressions). This issue is an important
subject of my PhD thesis which I am working on, but it is very hard to find
any stuff on this grain adaption problem.
  Thank you very much for answers.

Birger Andersen Email:
Department of Computer Science Fax: +45 31 35 96 81
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 1
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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