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2 Aug 89 11:47:54 GMT

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From: (Peter Bumbulis)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Aug 89 11:47:54 GMT
References: <1989Jul28.210350.3619@esegue.uucp> <1989Aug1.032302.1341@esegue.uucp>
Organization: Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo

In article <1989Aug1.032302.1341@esegue.uucp> djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones) writes:
>What you really want is a message which says something like,
>"Decalartion list or compound statement expected," along with a pointer
>to the places in the manual where declarations and compound statements
>are explained. You'd still need to do something about the default
>reductions, though.
>I would be interested in hearing more ideas on this subject.

In "A syntax-error-handling technique and its experimental analysis",
TOPLAS 5(4):656-679, 1983, Sippu and Soisalon-Soininen discuss how to
generate such messages.

[From (Peter Bumbulis)]

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