Procedure inlining at the source level (Alan Yueh)
7 Jun 89 20:46:52 GMT

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Procedure inlining at the source level (1989-06-07)
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From: (Alan Yueh)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: Optimization, open compilation, inlining, procedure integration
Date: 7 Jun 89 20:46:52 GMT

I am looking for papers/technical reports/general pointers about the subject
of procedure inlining (also called integration, open compilation, open coding,
etc.) at the source level, and criteria for inlining that produce good

I have found a few papers (old) on the subject, but most are either very
sketchy or are written on the intermediate language transformation level.

I am interested in source-to-source transformations. If anyone has recent
papers on source-to-source transforms (implementation discussion) or recent
analyses of criteria for when to inline, please email.

Apologies if this raises a recent issue; I've just joined this newsgroup.

Thanks, Alan W. Yueh

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