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2 Jun 89 00:33:26 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Jun 89 00:33:26 GMT
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From: (Scott Schwartz)
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Organization: Pennsylvania State University, Computer Science
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In article <>, chrism@mtuxo (XMRJ4-C.MCCABE) writes:
>I'm going to create a Pascal-to-C utility program, and am having
>some trouble locating books in this area.

Such a thing was posted to usenet (comp.sources.unix I think) about
two years ago, with a set of patches sometime later. It was called

>[I've never seen anything in depth on this sort of thing. My experience is
>that source-to-source translators are if anything more difficult than regular
>compilers, both because there are things that are easy to say in Pascal that
>are hard to say in C, e.g. nested scopes, and because in a translator you want
>the output to be readable by humans as well as by computers. -John]

Ptc does pretty well on most of that. Its major failing is that it
tries to generate clever C code (using macros) for pascal I/O
statements, and gets some things wrong. :-(
Scott Schwartz <>

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