C-to-Pascal translator

Tue, 28 Feb 89 17:14 EDT

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C-to-Pascal translator L_HAMEL@UNHH.BITNET (Lutz Hamel) (1989-03-15)
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 89 17:14 EDT
From: Lutz Hamel <L_HAMEL@UNHH.BITNET>

I have some C code which I need to translate into Pascal code (yes, it
is true -- the whole world is not writing in C yet). I don't really
care about the quality of the code as long as it will provide a basic
Pascal skeleton to work with. Does anybody know of a public domain
program that will do just that?



                Lutz Hamel
                Dept. of Computer Science
                University of New Hampshire
                UUCP: ...!psuvax1!rutgers!mimsy!uunet!unh!lhh
                BITNET: L_HAMEL@UNHH

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