Is there a reentrant YACC around? (Steve Scot Roy)
28 Feb 89 14:26:23 GMT

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Is there a reentrant YACC around? (1989-02-28)
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From: (Steve Scot Roy)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.misc,comp.compilers
Keywords: YACC, reentrant
Date: 28 Feb 89 14:26:23 GMT
Followup-To: poster
Organization: Princeton University, NJ


I am writing a parser that uses YACC and it would be convenient if I had
a reentrant YACC. Does such a thing exist? Where do I go to get it if
it does? Is Bison reentrant?


Steve Roy
[If by reentrant you mean recursively callable, the standard AT&T yacc parser
can be made so without much effort. You take all of the static arrays and
either make them auto's or else malloc them. If you really mean reentrant,
that's more a function of the compiler you're using. -John]

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