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23 Feb 89 16:42:45 GMT

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From: hp-sdd!ras@hpclras.HP.COM (Ron Rasmussen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Feb 89 16:42:45 GMT
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Organization: Hewlett-Packard Calif. Language Lab

/ hpclras:comp.compilers / (Neal Gafter) / 4:48 pm Feb 17, 1989 /
> Can someone give me a pointer to literature on the "Translator Writing
> System" developed at the University of California at Santa Cruz?

TWS is produced by MetaWare of Santa Cruz. Their number is (408) 429-6382

MetaWare was founded by Frank DeRemer and Tom Pennelo (both of UCSC).
Just do a literature search on DeRemer and Pennelo and you'll find quite
a few ACM, IEEE etc. papers by them on TWS ...

Last time I checked their system was quite expensive....

      - Ron
[From hp-sdd!ras@hpclras.HP.COM (Ron Rasmussen)]

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