SW Tools for Analysis of Fortran Programs (lex/yacc/lint)

jmw@SGI.COM (James M Winget (Ext 3654))
Tue, 21 Feb 89 17:55:46 PST

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SW Tools for Analysis of Fortran Programs (lex/yacc/lint) jmw@SGI.COM) (1989-02-21)
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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 89 17:55:46 PST
From: jmw@SGI.COM (James M Winget (Ext 3654))
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran,comp.sources.wanted
Keywords: Fortran, lex, yacc, TOOLPACK, lint, xref

I'm looking for SW tools for analysis of large Fortran Programs.
In particular, PD source for tools to generate: xrefs, linkage
maps, data use info, "lint" like info, pretty printing, etc.
At a minimum, I would like to obtain a simple lex/yacc parser
for Fortran that I could use as a base for future tools.

Additionally, I'm interested in users experiences with both PD
and commercial tools such as:


(What is the current status of TOOLPACK ???)

Please mail responses to jmw@sgi.com, I'll summarize.


James M. Winget
Silicon Graphics (415) 962-3654
2011 N. Shoreline Blvd jmw@sgi.com
Mountain View, CA 94043-7311 or possibly: ames!sgi!jmw

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