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PSUVM.BITNET!rutgers!DVL@ncar.UCAR.EDU (Roger Christman)
7 Feb 89 20:46:47 GMT

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Re: Pascal=>C PSUVM.BITNET!rutgers!DVL@ncar.UCAR.EDU (1989-02-07)
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From: PSUVM.BITNET!rutgers!DVL@ncar.UCAR.EDU (Roger Christman)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Feb 89 20:46:47 GMT
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Organization: Penn State University

I'll soon be embarking on a quest to translate some Fortran into C.
I'd also be interested in finding more about this subject for ideas.
Also, has anyone run into articles regarding program paths, aside from
those involved in vectorizing compilers?

Thank you for your time and attention.
[There are several commercial Fortran to C converters, which have received
mixed reviews on the net over the years. Having written a Fortran compiler
that compiled into C intermediate code, I can assure you that the semantic
match is not as close as you might think. It's a hard problem to do well,
particularly if you want the output to be readable by humans. -John]
[From PSUVM.BITNET!rutgers!DVL@ncar.UCAR.EDU (Roger Christman)]

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