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"Douglas C. Schmidt" <schmidt@ORION.CF.UCI.EDU>
Sun, 05 Feb 89 23:31:52 -0800

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Date: Sun, 05 Feb 89 23:31:52 -0800
From: "Douglas C. Schmidt" <schmidt@ORION.CF.UCI.EDU>

In article <> Dave Berry <!db writes:
++If Lex is as bad as these articles (and my experience) suggest, I'm surprised
++that GNU are using it for an optimising compiler.

Arrrrrggghh. I can't take the spread of misinformation any more! GNU
C and GNU C++ *don't* use LEX or FLEX or GNULEX (no, it doesn't
exist). The lexical analyzers are hand coded (I know, because I wrote
the perfect hash function that recognizes GNU C and C++ reserved words
in O(1) time). Please get the facts straight on this (which shouldn't
be too hard, since the source is freely available ;-)).

Doug Schmidt

PS: They do use an LALR BISON (YACC) grammar, however.
[From "Douglas C. Schmidt" <schmidt@ORION.CF.UCI.EDU>]

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