Perfect hashing table/function

Gary D Duzan <>
2 Jan 89 18:38:26 GMT

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From: Gary D Duzan <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c
Date: 2 Jan 89 18:38:26 GMT
Organization: Galadrim (really a disorganization)

      Does anyone have a perfect hashing table/function generated for the C
keywords that you would be willing to let me use? I am trying to figure out how
to generate my own, but I am having trouble. Any help would be appreciated.

Gary Duzan
[I have seen a lot of perfect hash functions come and go over the years,
particularly in Sigplan, but have the impression that the traditional
technique of putting the keywords in the symbol table is liable to give you
better performance. Consider the relative frequency in typical programs of,
say, the keyword "enum" and the variable name "p". -John]
[From Gary D Duzan <>]

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