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Summary: Two examples
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In article <>, (Mark Hall) writes:
> I'm interested in knowing whether any of the common code
> generator-generators (Glanville, Cattell, Ganapathi, etc) are used in
> any production compilers. ...

The AIE Ada compiler done by Intermetrics Incorporated of Cambridge Mass.
used the PQCC (Production Quality Compiler Compiler) technology. This
compiler does very sexy instruction selections and register allocations.
If anybody mentions this compiler they are very libale to say that it
was a real dog as far as its speed of compilation was concerned. This
is probabily true but, the blame should be placed on the intermediate
representations (Diana to be exact) rather than the code generator

The ALS Ada compiler done the Softech Corporation of Waltham Mass.
used the Graham-Glanville technology. This compiler's code wasn't
nearly as sexy as the code produced by the AIE but, it was supposed
to be fairly good. The same thing can be said about the speed of
compilation that was said about the AIE. Note, I believe that the
ALS compiler is still under development, so any comments made about
it must be taken as relevant only to it's early history!

                                                                  -- Gary Oblock
                                                                        Compiler Consultant to Bell Labs

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