Supercomputers & FORTRAN Book (NEW)

well! (Richard Friedman)
23 Nov 88 22:08:07 GMT

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Supercomputers & FORTRAN Book (NEW) well! (1988-11-23)
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From: well! (Richard Friedman)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran,comp.arch,comp.compilers
Keywords: FORTRAN Supercomputers vectorization optimization book
Date: 23 Nov 88 22:08:07 GMT
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Readers of this newsgroup might be interested in the following book
just published by Academic Press :


                          John Levesque and Joel Williamson
                              Pacific-Sierra Research Corp.

The blurb reads as follows:

    "This book is intended to be used intensively by FORTRAN programmers
who use supercomputers. All previous books on this topic have either
addressed very academic, abstract topics and examples that were not
general enough to be applied to a large collection of FORTRAN programs.
The abundant examples used in the book cover a large range of DO loop
characteristics whose discussion can be applied to existing FORTRAN
programs. This is the first book that addresses "real world" FORTRAN
examples that can be used to demonstrate how FORTRAN programs can be
optimized systematically. Many of the restructuring examples from the
book could be used immediately to optimize a reader's FORTRAN code
for a substantial savings in execution time. FORTRAN programmers in all
application areas will find this volume essential to their work."

    "This book, the first of its kind, explains in detail both the
underlying architecture of today's supercomputers and the manner by
which a compiler maps FORTRAN code onto that architecture. Most
important, the constructs preventing full optimizations are outlined,
and specific strategies for restructuring a program are provided."

November, 1988 218pp $40 ISBN 0-12-444760-0
Academic Press 1-800-321-5068
PSR: 916 621 1600 (Placerville, Ca.)
  ...Richard Friedman [rchrd] Berkeley, CA.
        rchrd@well.uucp -or-
[If anyone reads it and wants to send in a review, even a very short one,
I'd be pleased to post it. -John]

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