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14 Nov 88 15:54:23 GMT

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Date: 14 Nov 88 15:54:23 GMT
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From: harvard!ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU!decvax!tl-vaxa!grover (Vinod Grover)
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In article <> (NIERSTRASZ Oscar) writes:
>Does anyone know of the existence of a "pattern language" ...

SNOBOL is an earliest example of such a language. ICON, developed more
recently by Griswald and Co. at University of Arizona is another example
of a language which allows pattern matching, and various other assorted
features: generators, co-expressions etc.

-- Vinod
[This question has provoked the most interesting set of responses in ages.
I still don't really know what a pattern language is, and seeing the variety
of responses that have arrived, it doesn't look like anyone else does, either.
Keep those cards and letters coming, though. -John]
[From harvard!ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU!decvax!tl-vaxa!grover (Vinod Grover)]

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