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From: cordy@QUCIS.BITNET

An implementation of the exact tool you ask for is described in:

                "TXL: A Rapid Prototyping System for Programming Language Dialects"
                by J.R. Cordy, C.D. Halpern and E. Promislow
                Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computer Languages, Miami, Octobe

TXL is a general purpose programming language extension tool using a general
pattern matching and replacement algorithm isomorphic to Prolog unification.
Dialects are specified as variants of a basis grammar for the base programming
l in two parts: a set of productions for the syntactic forms of the dialect,
descr replacements for the corresponding syntactic forms of the base language,
and and a set of transformation rules for the semantics of these forms, that
recursively reduce dialect syntactic forms to base language constructs
implementing the run model of the dialect. Each of these is described in a
Prolog-like VHLL notation TXL has been used to specify and automatically
implement several dialects of the programming languages Pascal and Turing,
including dialects with parametric polymorphism, object classes and multiple

Jim James.R.Cordy@QueensU.CA

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