BASIC compilers (John McLendon)
28 Oct 88 21:54:20 GMT

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BASIC compilers (1988-10-28)
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From: (John McLendon)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.questions,comp.compilers
Keywords: BASIC compiler interpreter
Date: 28 Oct 88 21:54:20 GMT
Distribution: usa
Organization: UNC Educational Computing Service

I'm looking for a BASIC compiler or compiler/interpreter pair that
runs on Sys V machines. This compiler/interpreter must be portable
across such machines as HP-9000 (running HP-UX) and 386 based
Unixes (not Xenix). Support for sdb or some other portable
source debugger is mandantory. Please e-mail response, if
interest sufficient, I will summarize.
Signed: John McLendon uccjcm@ecsvax.UUCP
                (919) 846-7931 (home)
                (919) 941-5730 (work)

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