PASCAL compiler writing tools

"Jeffrey C. Fried" <jeff@cullsj.uucp>
Fri, 23 Sep 88 12:47:27 pdt

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PASCAL compiler writing tools jeff@cullsj.uucp (Jeffrey C. Fried) (1988-09-23)
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Posted-Date: Fri, 23 Sep 88 12:47:27 pdt
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 88 12:47:27 pdt
From: "Jeffrey C. Fried" <jeff@cullsj.uucp>

      There is an LL(1), LALR(1) and lex equivalent available from the publisher
of the new compiler book by Fischer and (?). I believe the book is called
"Compiler Construction". The full tools are available for UNIX (with source)
and a subset (LL(1)) is available on diskette for DOS and TURBO PASCAL.
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