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22 Sep 88 17:49:39 GMT

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From: (Peter C. Damron)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Summary: try TWS from DeRemer & Pennello
Keywords: lex, yacc, pascal
Date: 22 Sep 88 17:49:39 GMT
References: <>
Distribution: na
Organization: U of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle

In article <>, (Cliff Yamamoto) writes:
> Does anyone know of the existance and/or source of Lex and Yacc for
> use with Pascal, ...

It has been a while since I last used it,
but for my undergraduate compiler class at UC Santa Cruz,
we used a system called TWS (translator writing system?).

TWS included both a scanner and parser generator which I think generated
Pascal (At least we used Pascal for our compiler semantic routines).
The system ran Berkeley Unix, so it is possible that TWS generated
other than Pascal. We had shell scripts which took care of all
the appropriate compiling and linking to build the scanner and parser.

I believe that TWS was written by DeRemer and Pennello (from UCSC).
It may be available from Metaware, which I think is their company
for compiler products.

Hope this helps,
Peter Damron.

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