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References: <>
From: (Chris Payne)
In-Reply-To: (Cliff Yamamoto)
Organization: Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520-2158
Keywords: lex, yacc, pascal

In article <>, cyamamot@nunki (Cliff Yamamoto) writes:
| Does anyone know of the existance and/or source of Lex and Yacc for
|use with Pascal ...

    A group at William & Mary has developed a compiler-generation system
in and for Pascal called MYSTRO. The last version I'm familiar with
handled NQLALR(1) grammars. The best contact is probably Bob Noonan
(try $RENOON@WMMVS.BITNET). MYSTRO source was available for media &
preparation costs.
Chris Payne payne@ [ | | yalecs.bitnet ]

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