Lex & Yacc for Pascal

cyamamot@nunki.usc.edu (Cliff Yamamoto)
21 Sep 88 15:11:02 GMT

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From: cyamamot@nunki.usc.edu (Cliff Yamamoto)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.pascal,comp.sys.ibm.pc
Keywords: lex, yacc, pascal
Date: 21 Sep 88 15:11:02 GMT
Distribution: na
Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Does anyone know of the existance and/or source of Lex and Yacc for
use with Pascal, preferably capable of running on an IBM PC host? Any leads
for a public domain or commercial version of this software would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Cliff Yamamoto
[The closest thing to PD yacc I've seen is Gnu's bison. There's a reasonably
good reimplementation of lex called flex that came across the net recently.
Of course, they all generate C. Early versions of yacc had an option to
generate ratfor parsers, but that hasn't worked for a while. Bison and flex
have both been more or less been made to work on PCs, and I suppose that with
moderate effort one could change them to generate pascal output rather than
C. The syntax isn't all that different though turning C unions into Pascal
variant record types could be exciting.
Any other leads would be welcome, the question of non-unix versions of
yacc and lex come up all the time. For anybody who hasn't heard, the yacc
that Decus used to have proved to be a pirate version of unix yacc. -John]
[From cyamamot@nunki.usc.edu (Cliff Yamamoto)]

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