WANTED: Dead or Alive -- Data Flow Analyzer for Ada

jclark@ellington.SRC.Honeywell.COM (Jeff Clark)
12 Aug 88 01:07:09 GMT

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WANTED: Dead or Alive -- Data Flow Analyzer for Ada jclark@ellington.SRC.Honeywell.COM (1988-08-12)
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From: jclark@ellington.SRC.Honeywell.COM (Jeff Clark)
Newsgroups: comp.sources.wanted,comp.compilers,comp.lang.ada
Date: 12 Aug 88 01:07:09 GMT

A colleague of mine is engaged in a research project for which he needs a
data-flow analyzer for Ada. One which uses a language-directed approach
(e.g., Rosen's technique) and operates on a high-level intermediate
representation of the source text (e.g., parse-trees, Diana) would be
preferable to the more usual type which operates on a low-level
intermediate representation (e.g., RTL, quads) and uses the standard
iterative or interval analysis techniques.

Does anyone know where I might obtain the sources for such a tool? Something
that is public domain, freeware, shareware, etc. would be best, but free or
inexpensive (i.e., < $1000) licensed software would be acceptable if the
license agreement is reasonable. (My employer tends to get nervous around
restrictive licensing agreements.) Although something Unix based (e.g.,
SunOS, Berkeley) would be best, I'm not picky --- I'll gladly take whatever
you've got.

I'm not too picky about the present state of the tool either (unless, of
course, you're charging $$ for it -- then I expect it to work) as long as
there is a good chance of making it work (student labor is cheap :-}).

Please email responses directly to me; I'll summarize to the net if there
is any interest. Thanks in advance for any help.
Jeffrey L. Clark
Honeywell Systems and Research Center
Computer Sciences/Software Techology
[From jclark@ellington.SRC.Honeywell.COM (Jeff Clark)]

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