Attribute Grammar Technology

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9 Aug 88 01:21:09 GMT

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From: "Reid M. Pinchback" <!rmpinchback@RELAY.CS.NET>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Aug 88 01:21:09 GMT
References: <1430@ima.ISC.COM>
Organization: U. of Waterloo, Ontario

      I've heard the buzz-phrase "attribute grammar" before, but I've never
heard a good description/definition of the concept. What is an attribute
grammar, how does it differ structurally from other kinds of grammars,
and what benefit does it provide in specifying either the syntax or
semantics of a language, or in developing language-oriented systems (like

[If people would like to take a crack at this, I'll publish a compendium
of answers in a few days. -John]
[From "Reid M. Pinchback" <!rmpinchback@RELAY.CS.NET>]

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